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Changing the way a business works can be a very traumatic experience for both staff and management. In the majority of cases we find that the case for change is not recognised and the received view is “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it”. Unfortunately, especially in the New Technologies, Telecommunications and Financial Services area, this view has led to many formerly great companies’ rapid eclipse by more agile competitors, or, in some cases, their disappearing all together.

We believe we can help most departments and companies achieve significant efficiencies and increased competitiveness. We work with senior management and HR to maximise returns on investment and minimise people disruption. Projects we have undertaken include:
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  • Global analysis, organisation design and implementation for a leading Financial Services Risk & Compliance function. The project covered operations in the USA, Europe, Middle East and Asia
  • Design and implementation of Performance Management programs for a number of organisations
  • Design and Implementation of PeopleSoft self-service system.
  • Re-grading project to reduce a 13-grade structure to a manageable 5-grade system and removal of restrictive ‘titles’ and embedded entitlements to create a more competitive and responsive organisation.
  • De-centralisation of a leading UK-headquartered Financial Services operation from a 80/20 UK/Regional office split to a 40/60 split to: reduce costs, provide more customer focus and increase regional business.
  • Numerous European, Asian and Global Footprint exercises
  • Cost-reduction projects for numerous medium to large organisations in USA, Europe and Asia.

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